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Maule Aircraft

Whether in the Arctic tundra or the Australian deserts, Maule aircraft have surpassed all other models in terms of getting their owner's money's worth, in efficiency or adaptability. Bush plane “par excellence”, they are made for our Canadian climate and our environment. On floats, skis or wheels, the STOL (short takeoff and landing) performances provide you with a landing strip where you never thought of! You will not find ANY OTHER certified aircraft that can offer all that a Maule offers at a comparable price.

The M-7

The most recent model is the M-7, available in different configurations. The M-7 is synonymous with versatility, ease of use and low and easy maintenance. There are models for all tastes and budgets, from the 160HP four-seater to the turbine powered 420HP five-seater.

Each aircraft is hand-assembled in the factory (see photos), with the options of your choice. All models are available with different landing configurations, also with floats or skis. These optional landing devices (skis, floats) are also mounted in a way so that the time going from them to wheels is reduced to a minimum, saving you time and money.

Each model is available in a variety of colours and a handful of top-quality options. Other than engine and propeller, all options and configurations are available for ALL models. And they all include around sixty standard features and avionics package, which you can look at in our “standard features”.

Wings and components

The wings are made of aluminium. They are powder-coated for corrosion proofing and carry the four main fuel tanks (total 73gal US). The doors, the ailerons and flaps are also made of aluminium.

The flaps (mechanical, not electrical) offer five pre-set positions for the MX-7 and M-7 models: -7°, 0°, 24°, 40°, 48°. The MXT-7 and MT-7 models have four positions: -7°, 0°, 24°, 40°.

All components and parts that go inside the wings are pre-lubrified and treated with corrosion-proofing before being enclosed.

Frame and finish

The aircraft frame is constructed of a tubular Chrome-molybdenum alloy, enclosing the occupants in a strong structure not unlike that of a Formula 1 car, making Maule one of the most secure aircraft! After assembly, it is powder-coated with corrosion-proofing material. The whole frame is then covered in a synthetic material, Ceonite, which assures a long life as well as being easy to repair. This membrane, and even more once painted, offers flexibility and robustness.

The state-of-the-art panting material and techniques, in a controlled environment, provide you with full UV protection and the ultimate best-looking finish for your plane for a very long time!

And it's in the details that you see the difference...

A careful inspection of a Maule aircraft will convince you of the care being put into the conception and assembly of these aircraft. Here are a few examples to illustrate this:

  • The flaps can be set to -7°, improving cruise speed.

  • On the back of the rudder, a small tab is linked by cables to the ailerons. Reacting with aileron movement, this tab dramatically helps turn co-ordination.

  • The doors, the pilot's and the copilot's, can naturally stay in the open position. In this open position, their movement is cushioned by a rubber stopper, avoiding any damage on the beautiful paint.

And many more, yours to discover during the walkaround and test flight!

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